Akshobhya Buddha Statue, Gold Leaf, 6 Inches

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Akshobhya is 6 inches high and partly gilded. His face is hand painted with 24-karat gold. There are many artisans in many countries who make wonderful Buddhas, for us, none match the breathtaking beauty of a gilded Tibetan statue. He is regarded as the second Dhyani Buddha in Nepalese Buddhism. When represented in a Stupa or mandala he is usually in the east. His left hand rests on the lap while the right rests on the knees with the tip of the middle finger touching the ground with palm drawn inwardly. As did Gautama, he is signaling his right to be here.

His symbol is the vajra, also called thunderbolt or diamond scepter. His clear mirror-like wisdom reflects all things calmly and uncritically and reveals their true nature. His wisdom antidotes the poison of hatred and anger. 

• Partly Gilded
• Face painted with 24-karat gold
• Made in Nepal
• Height: 6 inches
• Weight: 2 lbs.