33 Manifestations of Kuan Yin Cards

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33 Manifestations of Kuan Yin Cards

This 35-card set of Kuan Yin cards brings to you authentic, practical inspiration about the bodhisattva Kuan Yin. With an original hand-drawn image of Kuan Yin, each card covers one of Kuan Yin’s 33 manifestations and brings to you inspiring details about how the Goddess of Mercy can help you with whatever you may be dealing with. From help with public speaking to reconnection with your real self, you’ll be sure to find the answer to a missing link in your life.

Each card offers a mantra that corresponds to the manifestation, so you can invoke her aid right away.This 2.75″ by 4″ box of life help can be carried with you anywhere in a purse or a pocket, and may likely be the most relevant box you’ll ever buy

Each card depicts one of her 33 manifestations and includes:

  • An original drawing of Kuan Yin in the given manifestation
  • The phonetic & traditional pronunciation of the corresponding mantra
  • The manifestation name & number
  • Teaching on the manifestations from Elizabeth Clare Prophet, quoted with permission of The Summit Lighthouse